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"I  create content that captures the true essence and aesthetics of my clients’ brands, creations, spaces, telling their stories with relevance. That is my No.1 priority.


  • STYLING products and spaces for commercial, editorial and private projects;

  • IMAGERY that celebrates your true self, the uniqueness of  your creations and your core values.

  • HELPING home owners transform their spaces.

Livio Salvi


Originally from Italy,  Livio grew up with strict guidance: a father who installed a work ethic to do his best at every opportunity, and his mother, who showed him the true joy of loving what you do. 

He’s been described as a multi-hyphenate person (mʌl.tiˈhaɪ.fə.nət/: a person with several professions or skills), toured the world in his youth as an entertainer (9 Gold & 3 Platinum discs), restored several properties in varying Italian regions, before moving behind the scenes to where the real creativity begins. Having worked successfully in Germany, Australia & New Zealand as a choreographer & creative director, he’s now based in London UK since 2012, focusing on his two passions: Styling & photography. 

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