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“I love everything about styling and creating beautiful images and spaces. It’s a chance to make something inspiring and unique. I am moved by the power of images, the stories they tell and the emotions they evoke. That’s the reason I am always looking to create a storyline within my work, whether in photography, styling or both combined.”


Originally from Italy,  Livio lived in Germany, New Zealand & Australia before moving to London in 2012 where he is currently based.

He has been involved in the performing arts industry for many years, working in theatre, cinema and tv as a performer, choreographer, director & creative, developing an eye for detail, to think outside of the box, and to gain insight & experience with project management, set styling and artistic direction.

He has always been passionate about creating sets and styling interiors, since going to flea markets as a teenager to hunt for that something special to add to his collection, or to find previously unloved treasures for friends’ and family’s homes. This search for uniqueness lead to restoring properties in Italy, becoming a significant learning ground for him in design & styling.

Moving to London, he decided to shift his extensive creative background to the world of interiors, combining his passions for photography and styling.


He creates content that captures the true essence and aesthetics of his clients’ brands, businesses or private spaces, helping them to tell their story with relevance:


  • Styling their products for websites, social media, commercial and editorial projects

  • Capturing beautiful imagery that represents them and their business


 Styling & Photography are offered as a unified package or  as two separate services.



'I’m always happy to chat about new projects so please get in touch here . I can’t wait to get creative with you.’

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